Water Sculpture #1 – Mixed media – Found Thrift Store Glass and Sea Glass – Prototype for hopefully a 6 -10 Ft. commissioned piece or larger!





Hanging Water Sculpture #2

Recycled a lounge chair base, had a welded hook put on the top for hanging, then wrapped metal mesh wiring around the base.

Just started this "Drawn to water sculpture"
Just started this “Drawn to water sculpture”



What’s up!




Tried to save money and used modeling clay and paid the price – next morning came in to see this…major cracking, so I had to scrape all this off and start over.
After scraping off all the clay, I purchased Golden products, in this case, modeling paste. Attaching the canvas pieces to the inside of the sculpture gave me scraped forearms so I taped the bottom edges of the sculpture to prevent scratching.


I Keep layering with Modeling Paste – the thicker you apply the longer the drying process is.

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