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Nicola in his studio at 827.

Pledge $25, $50, or $100 a month to help Nicola produce art or more $$$$$.

Professional Art Supplies, Art Making Computers for drawing, Art Printers & Software are Very Expensive and so are Marketing and Web Developers…$$$$$.

THE PLEDGE: This pledge page is for people who would love to support artists or have an interest in the arts and in this case help support Nicola’s journey as a professional artist. This specifically helps Nicola fund work, pay for professional art supplies, cover entry fees, hire professional web developers for anything that he can’t figure out in WordPress, hire a marketing pro,  photographers, equipment, art space rental, etc, and helps Nicola focus on projects that take a long time to produce. Eventually, Nicola plans to move into a warehouse, hire art assistants, and produce a large variety of art for sale.

Not-for-Profit (NFPO) vs. Non-Profits (NPO)

(not sure what would be best)

THE DREAM: If that goes well, the ultimate dream/goal is to find a large $$$$$ donor, a large piece of property – gifted, maybe in Santa Barbara but that’s not necessary, and build a one-of-a-kind, unique world-class art facility with an expert staff, an art sanctuary, where all artists from all over the world could come and have all the professional support, tools, materials and living space to produce art. A roundtable art committee would select the artists. All artwork would be sold at our gallery and or online and the artists would receive a percentage of the sale. There would be a subsidized cafeteria, a complete gym with steam rooms, saunas, and jacuzzis, a theater – indoor and outdoor for lectures and music, a foundry, computer & video & film labs, 3D printers, a fully stocked tool warehouse, a music recording studio, art studios, a library, chapel, child care, galleries, wood shop, print & metal shops, dance studio, business offices & meeting areas, glass blowing, a complete supply warehouse for anything art related, a park, hiking, biking and running trails, a lake, ponds, a creek, a track, swimming pool, trails with sculptures, lots of flowers and trees, fountains, basically, everything and anything that an artist would need, in a relaxed, peaceful, healthy atmosphere to fulfill their creative spirit. 



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